One Product to Repurchase and One to Throw Out:

One Product to Repurchase and One to Throw Out:

Courtesy of FashionLoveLetters
Courtesy of Ulta









One to Repurchase:

The Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye liner by Stila is their top selling eye liner. This retails for a somewhat expensive $22 at 0.016 oz but is well worth the cost. This eyeliner usually lasts anywhere from 3-5 months, depending on how much you use it. The Intense black liner is awesome and doesn’t fade to grey throughout the day. The product will not come off unless you really want it to, and isn’t lying about being waterproof. This high-end eyeliner is not a waste of your money. The felt tip applicator makes it easily glide on without mistakes. Whether you are going for a winged eyeliner look or a more basic one this is so fitting. Also, it goes over eye shadows flawlessly without blending into the shadow. This is my go to product because throughout my day of school and sports it’s the only one that seems to stand a chance. Most eyeliner will smudge down and create dark circles under your eyes, but Stila has surpassed this by not even smudging through water or sweat. The packing was logical and small so that you could easily store it. The lid closed tightly so that the eyeliner never dried out. I think the Stay All Day Waterproof  Liquid Eye Liner by Stila is one every makeup enthusiast should have.


One to Throw Out:

The e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer was a disappointment and did not do it’s job.  Elf has some products that work amazingly for their affordable costs, but this one is just no the one. This product is $6 for a small amount of product.The green pigment in the primer is meant to shield red undertones from being exposed, but I feel as if it highlighted them more. It’s also supposed to make skin tones more even and it just kept them the same. This product made my constantly dry skin feel and look oily. I was disappointed with the product because I was hoping for more. I think the quality of the product in correlation with the price is unworthy because it should be cheaper for the amount spent on a short living inexpensive dull product. I think it’s valuable to try inexpensive products because they may work but if you are in a pinch like I wa, but don’t go for it just because of the low price. The product did not last long in the packaging because it sometimes would come out clumpy and dry. Also, the packaging itself was poorly done because a few weeks into using the product the packaging fell apart and revealed how little product they actually give you. I don’t recommend buying this product.


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